Integrative, Complementary & Alternative Medicine Solutions

What is Integrative, Complementary and Alternative Medicine?

Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM): These terms are generally used together to define any type of alternative medicine or non-conventional method of treatment. Complementary medicine alone can include alternative practices that are used along with conventional medicine. For example, the use of electro-acupuncture in which electrical stimulation is added to acupuncture needles would be a complementary treatment. Alternative medicine includes treatment methods used instead of conventional medicine, such as chiropractic medicine, nutritional supplementation, and diet-based therapy. One of the major caveats people give about alternative medicine is that many of the treatment methods are not backed by scientific support; however, this often has more to do with a lack of quality clinical investigations than ineffective treatment protocols. In other words, there isn’t any scientific support because (a) no one has done the research or (b) the existing research is of poor quality.

Integrative medicine: Integrative medicine is similar to complementary medicine in that it combines alternative and conventional therapies, but differs in that it involves only procedures that have been scientifically investigated and for which there is clinical evidence of their effectiveness. Integrative medicine also emphasizes prevention, lifestyle changes, and the patient-doctor relationship.

Human Health Specialists is proficient in all types of complementary and alternative medicine from dietary supplements and diet-based treatments to acupuncture and spinal manipulation. We also often recommend conventional therapies like prescription medications and therapeutic ultrasound. While we are typically considered a complementary or integrative medicine clinic, we don’t limit ourselves to one scope of treatment; rather, we use whatever therapies are necessary to get results for our patients.

The Conventional Medical Approach:
The Skimming the Surface, Cover Up, or Band Aid Approach

Conventional physicians on a whole are not trained to heal. They are trained to alleviate problems with medication and surgery, which isn’t always the solution. In an emergency, those steps are necessary, however, with most illnesses, there is usually a healing process. Medication and surgery can sometimes be a part of the healing process, but they should when possible and under the proper circumstances be used as a last resort.

For example, when a patient goes into the doctor’s office with a migraine, they are usually given medication for the pain. That’s fine for a temporary solution; however, that kind of treatment does not address the underlying reason for the migraines…which could be anything from allergies to cancer.

Some doctors might send you to a lab for testing, but you must understand that most tests requested by doctors are not adequate. If you had migraines that were being caused by allergies or cancer… wouldn’t you want to know?

Sure, it’s a relief not to feel pain immediately after you’ve taken some medicine… but it’s just a “mask,” a Band-Aid to cover what actually might be making you sick. A “quick fix” may make you feel better in the short term; however, you must be aware, that whatever is ailing you will come back stronger if the root of the problem is not dealt with.


Unfortunately, it is often the case that a healthcare provider is not always a healer. In order to heal, a healthcare provider must understand that the healing process is a journey taken between physician and patient.

Without a partnership on behalf of the patient, no healing can occur. A good healthcare provider understands this. To actually get to the root of the problem, acceptance of the healing process is necessary.

This means that short cuts (such as medication and surgery) should be avoided if possible, in order to reveal the underlying problem of what is really going on. Patience is required to allow the source of the problem to reveal itself. With our advanced testing and integrative medicine approach, Human Health Specialists can find that missing link. Schedule your first appointment online today or call us at (480) 883-7240 to find out more.

Our Approach: Digging Deep to Find the Source of a Problem and
Applying Integrative, Complementary, and/or Alternative Therapies

We work hard to make sure you are feeling the best you can. We don’t treat symptoms, we treat the causes. Regardless of the health “issue” you are facing, we can fix your problem… or at least, make it better… in most cases, a whole lot better.

That’s a bold statement right? We can say that because we are unlike any doctor’s office or healthcare facility in the world. We have advanced technologies that link us to major laboratories and research centers around the world. This advanced technological system allows us to work hand-in-hand with every single one of these labs and centers… making it possible for you to receive the same healthcare you would at Harvard Medical School, UCLA, Johns Hopkins, the Mayo Health Center or any other of the finest healthcare facilities located all over the globe. When you come into Human Health Specialists it’s like having every single one of those centers all under one roof, with appointments available NOW instead of in three or more months.

That’s great, but I’ve already been to numerous doctors and healthcare specialists and have been repeatedly told “we’re sorry but there’s nothing we can do to treat your condition” or, “learn to live with it.”

Don’t worry! Those words aren’t in our vocabulary. The majority of the patients we work with claim to have already tried “everything,” which leaves them skeptical if we’ll be able to improve or “cure” their health problem. Our answer to that question is a resounding “Yes we can!”


Typically, when you visit a healthcare “specialist” you are limited to that person’s knowledge. So, if they are not aware that a certain form of specialized treatment for your condition exists, they won’t be able to provide you with that option. Because of the technological systems we have in place, including our research computer database that houses research from as early as the 1700s to the most current research today, and our affiliate programs with the finest doctors in the world, we are able to input your unique health condition and obtain research files from patients all over the world you have been helped or cured of the same health problem you suffer with. And, once we have that information, your healing process can begin. Don’t procrastinate: take the steps necessary to feel better today. Call us at (480) 883-7240 to learn more and schedule your first visit or get started now.

So who are we and what exactly, do we do?

Human Health Specialists is a medical office in Scottsdale, AZ that combines principles from a variety of medicinal therapies to create the best possible treatments. We utilize comprehensive testing procedures to determine the sources of disease, not just the symptoms, and we pinpoint biochemical and physiological barriers in your body that are the cause of disease, poor health and poor performance. Some of the therapies (or modalities) we use are:

  • Allopathic/Western medicine treatments like therapeutic ultrasound and occasionally prescription drugs
  • Complementary and alternative medicine treatments like acupuncture, customized dietary supplement strategies, and customized diets
  • Naturopathic treatments like prolotherapy and platelet rich plasma therapy
  • Homeopathic preparations

Our clientele ranges from seemingly healthy individuals to the terminally ill patients, from kids and teens to baby boomers, and from weekend warriors to elite level athletes. We expose our patients to a level of care that does not exist anywhere else in the world. With their input, we develop an optimal wellness package that fits their needs, solves their problems and optimizes their health. Over the past 20 years, we have successfully helped hundreds of people with a variety of health conditions including ALS, cancer, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, overweight and obesity, depression, and more.

Are you ready to schedule your first appointment? Click here to get started now.

We Want To Know: How is Your Quality of Life?

Are You Merely Hanging On or Are You Living a Life Full of Energy, Strength, Vitality, and Pain-Free?

Poor Quality of Life: (Coasting Along)

You wake up tired and continue to have low energy throughout the day. You are unable to tackle all the tasks in your day that you need to do. You have constant pain that you have “gotten used to” or that you have “learned to live with.” You are taking pain medication on a daily basis.

Your moods swing from very high to very low or are just low. You are “content” with your health and the fact that your mood is never really up, however, you’ve learned to live with it… so it’s okay… it’s just part of life.

You have medical problems that require constant and continuous use of medication indefinitely, but you don’t mind taking medication, you’ve even gotten used to the side effects. You want to do more with your life, but have accepted your lack of energy, low mood or poor health as your status in life.

High Quality of Life: (Captain / Sailing)

You wake up with a smile, full of energy and ready to tackle whatever the day brings. You are free of pain and not dependent on medication to get through your day or your night. You have all the energy you need to tackle anything and more. Your sex life is alive and well. You have dreams and aspirations and/or you are already completely happy with your life. In short, you feel very much in charge of your life.

So, which one are you?
Unsure? Continue with our free assessment…

A quick “assessment” that will determine if our specialized treatment will benefit you. Answer Yes/No to the following questions:

  1. Do you have enough energy for what your life requires?
  2. Are your moods stable and high?
  3. Are you pain free?
  4. Are you able to get through your day without medication?
  5. Do you have dreams and aspirations or ones that leave you feeling inspired?


If you find, after having assessed your overall wellness, that you are indeed “coasting along” and that you are not “the captain of your own ship,” that you are not in charge of your life due to poor health, then Human Health Specialists (an “A+” healthcare facility) can help you attain the level of health and energy which you so desperately desire. Call us at (480) 883-7240 or get started now.

Are You Happy With Your Quality of Life?

If you’re not, are you ready to address your health problems using the knowledge and services of the top healthcare specialists on the planet? If you’re ready to start living a life of optimal health and wellness, then click on the link below to schedule an appointment or call our office at (480) 883-7240 today.

The Physical Exam Checklist – Is Your Doctor Helping You?

Answer Yes/No the following test to discover the truth.

  1. Does your healthcare provider allow you enough time (in consultations) to really understand your health issues?
  2. Does your healthcare provider want to hold off on giving you medication until he is sure of what the problem is?
  3. Do you feel that your healthcare provider tests are complete?
  4. Has your healthcare provider mentioned surgery as a last resort?
  5. Has your healthcare provider helped you heal, as opposed to giving you a Band-Aid solution?
  6. Do you feel like your healthcare provider addresses all of your concerns?
  7. Does your healthcare provider “dig deep” to find the root of your problems?
  8. Does your healthcare provider try to appease you by prescribing you medication?
  9. Have you had “truly satisfactory” results after visiting your healthcare provider?


If you answered “no” to 3 or more of the questions above, then chances are you are ready to address your health problems using the knowledge and services of the top healthcare specialists on the planet. Call Human Health Specialists at (480) 883-7240 or get started now.

But wait, health care is expensive:
How can I afford this level of care?

Human Health Specialists works to provide affordable health care to everyone. We are always willing to work with people based on their budget and needs. We offer payment plans, discounts if you pay up front, and we accept most major insurance plans (especially Aetna and United Health). We will notify you in advance the costs associated with your treatment, so in case your carrier decides they will not cover any services you will know your financial responsibility up front. Our invoices list your CPT Codes and ICD9 codes so you can pay up front, receive a discount, and file the claim with your insurance carrier on your own.

If you’re not feeling the best you can, call us today at (480) 883-7240 and we can discuss your options. Or, you can book your appointment online.

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